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850581 Brick Calendar is a Friends set released in 2013.


The set comes with 42 white bricks, 31 printed with numbers printed on them going from 1-31, the other 11 bricks are plain white. The set comes with 6 aqua 3x3 bricks, one 3x3 brick and 1x2 brick of each of these colourslime, light pink, pink, turquoise, yellow. The set includes 6 flat 12x2 and 6x2 bricks, one in the colour of lime, yellow, dark green, blue and two dark pink. The top includes 7 2x2 yellow bricks each have the first 3 letters of a day of the week, on the top of them theres 2 4x6 and a 1x2 dark purple flat plates in front of the month and beside it on each side thes a 12 dark purple flat plate, the month can be changed, its a 1x10 white brick with the name of the month in blue joint handwriting with hearts beside it, there are 12 of these one for each month. The set sits on a dark green baseplate and on it are two, limegreen plates on the plate theres, plants, two fences, studs,a pink bowl and the friends sign on a flat white brick. The set also includes Goldie and Maxie. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it.

Count down the days of every month with the LEGO® Friends!

Create a way to play every day with a buildable LEGO® Friends calendar featuring a sweet springtime scenery base. Use the LEGO labeled bricks to organize the numbers and names of every day of the week, all year long! Includes baby chick and kitten elements. Makes a great gift for fans of the LEGO Friends building sets.

  • Features numbered LEGO® bricks from 1-31, day-and-month-labeled bricks, baby chick and kitten, plants, white picket fence and heart decal elements
  • Rebuild every month for a pretty pastel calendar you can use all year!
  • Makes a great gift for fans of the LEGO Friends building sets


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