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Shanghai Chase
7682 box
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Indiana Jones
Willie Scott
Short Round
Shanghai Gangsters (2)


Flag-US $29.99
Flag-UK £24.99




2008 / 2009


Indiana Jones
    Temple of Doom

7682 Shanghai Chase was released between December [2008]] and January 2009 across the world as the first of two sets in the LEGO Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom line. It includes 244 pieces and 5 minifigures.


The set consists of two cars (one smaller, light sand coloured car with a retractable roof and one black gangster car) and five minifigures: Indiana Jones, Willie Scott, Short Round and two Chinese gangsters.


  • It is the first Temple of Doom set to have been released by LEGO.
  • The moustached gangster resembles Lao Che, while the grinning gangster resembles his son Kao Kan.
  • On the box, Indy has a fedora, but he also has has hair to alternate.
  • Part x821 (Transparent Red) comes in 2 Sets.
  • At Toyfair the boxart showed Short Round with Mutt Williams' head and Jock's torso, Willie Scott with Marion Ravenwood's head and a Royal Guard torso and the Shanghai gangsters with the heads of Bruce Wayne and Doc Ock. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (See an archive of the product’s page)

Escape through the streets of Shanghai!

On the run from gangsters, Indiana Jones™, Willie Scott™ and Short Round™ speed away from the scene in Indy’s car. Can they out drive Lao Che’s gun-toting thugs and escape from Shanghai?

  • Relive the chase scene with these cool period vehicles including Indy’s Car and the gangsters black sedan!
  • Includes Indiana Jones™ in a white tuxedo, Willie™, Short Round™ and two gangster minifigures!
  • Vehicles measure 5.5" (14cm) long!

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