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Uxar – Creature of Jungle
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January 2016




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71300 Uxar – Creature of Jungle is an 89-piece set BIONICLE® released in January 2016.


Uxar is a beetle like creature. Its colour scheme is made up of silver, trans apple green, bright yellow, black, and light green. In the set it also includes a shadow trap, one of Umarak’s minions. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it.

Soar from the shadow trap’s clutches with sonic crystal wings!

Boom! Feel the shockwave as Uxar – Creature of Jungle powers up the sonic crystal wings! Fly to safety and avoid falling into the clutches of the shadow trap, sent out by the evil Umarak the Hunter. Will the heroic Toa unite with the ancient creatures roaming the jungles of Okoto?

  • Uxar – Creature of Jungle features posable wings, unity piece to attach Toa, creature mask and posable joints.
  • Avoid capture in the shadow trap.
  • Sturdy design for intense action play!
  • Stands over 3” (9cm) tall.
  • Combine with 71305 Lewa – Uniter of Jungle in one click, using the unity piece.
  • Elemental creatures also unite with other Toa to conjure up new mystical powers!

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