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71017 The LEGO Batman Movie Series is a series of Minifigures released in January 2017. It is based on characters from The LEGO Batman Movie. The movie was released on February 10, 2017.

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Bring exciting new play possibilities to existing LEGO® sets with LEGO Minifigures. This 'Limited Edition' THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE series features all your favorite characters, including Lobster-Lovin’ Batman™, The Eraser™, Zodiac Master™, King Tut™, Pink Power Batgirl™, Dick Grayson™, Orca™, Fairy Batman™, Glam Metal Batman™, Clan of the Cave Batman™, Vacation Batman™, The Joker™ – Arkham Asylum, The Calculator™, Red Hood™, Commissioner Gordon™, Barbara Gordon™, March Harriet™, The Mime™, Catman™ and Nurse Harley Quinn™. Each minifigure comes in a sealed ‘mystery’ bag, together with a display plate and a collector’s leaflet. Selected THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE series minifigures come with one or more accessory elements.

List of Minifigures

  • Lobster-Lovin' Batman with lobster and plate.
  • Vacation Batman with duck-shaped flotation ring.
  • Fairy Batman with magic wand.
  • Clan of the Cave Batman with prehistoric-styled club.
  • Glam Metal Batman with guitar.
  • Barbara Gordon with badge and handcuffs.
  • Pink Power Batgirl with batarang.
  • Commissioner Gordon with radio and wanted poster.
  • Dick Grayson with shark repellent.
  • The Joker in Arkham jumpsuit with handcuffs.
  • Harley Quinn in nurse outfit with clipboard.
  • Red Hood with two automatic pistols.
  • Mime with electric bolts.
  • King Tut with snake and staff.
  • March Harriet with tommy gun.
  • Eraser with notepad.
  • Orca.
  • Zodiac Master with fish and crab (to represent Pisces and Cancer, respectively).
  • Calculator.
  • Catman with handheld claw accessories.

Minifigure Gallery

Lobster-Lovin&#039; Batman
Vacation Batman
Fairy Batman
Clan of the Cave Batman
Glam Metal Batman
Barbara Gordon GCPD Ceremonial
Barbara Gordon Pink Batgirl
Gordon LEGO Batman Movie
Dick Grayson LEGO Batman Movie
Joker Arkham Asylum LEGO Batman Movie
Harley Quinn Nurse
Red Hood (TLBM)
King Tut
March Harriet
Zodiac Master
Lobster-Lovin' BatmanVacation BatmanFairy BatmanClan of the Cave BatmanGlam Metal BatmanBarbara GordonPink Power BatgirlCommissioner GordonDick GraysonThe Joker (Arkham Asylum)Nurse Harley QuinnRed Hood (The Joker) MimeKing TutMarch HarrietEraserOrcaZodiac MasterCalculatorCatman