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71008 Minifigures Series 13 is a series of sixteen collectable minifigures, released in January 2015. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

With 16 all-new, special minifigures in Series 13, the LEGO® Minifigure Collection continues to grow. Each Minifigure comes in a sealed "mystery" bag with its own special accessories, display plate and collector's leaflet. Inspired by movies, sports, history and just everyday life, this collection includes: Alien Trooper, Carpenter, Classic King, Disco Diva, Egyptian Warrior, Evil Wizard, Fencer, Galaxy Trooper, Goblin, Hot Dog Man, Lady Cyclops, Paleontologist, Samurai, Sheriff, Snake Charmer, Unicorn Girl. Each Minifigure includes unique character accessories, a display stand with LEGO studs and a Series 13 collector's leaflet. A code that will unlock the character in the bag in the LEGO© Minifigures Online game. A surprise each time! You never know which Minifigure is hiding inside the sealed "mystery" bag. Collect and trade with your friends!


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  • This is the first series to feature a minifigure dressed as a food.


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