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6276 Eldorado Fortress is a Pirates set released in 1989. It includes 517 pieces and 8 minifigures.

Canadian box flap

During the eighteenth century, a peaceful colony of settlers were enjoying the island treasures they had discovered.  Their peaceful life was about to be disrupted by the Legoland Pirates of the Sea who had been searching for the same buried treasure.  The head of the settlers colony was Governor Broadside and he knew that Pirates were planning to steal the gold.  He sent a message to all of his men to meet him at the Eldorado Fortress.  It was at the Fortress that the Governor made preparations to meet the Pirates and to protect the gold.  Treasures were placed in a secret hideaway beneath the fortress floor.  FIrst, the gold had to be unloaded from the Caribbean Clipper and Governor Broadside wondered what adventures lay ahead while this was being done...  Use your imagination to continue the Adventures of the Legoland Pirates of the Sea!


  • The set includes "firing" cannons, which work by pulling the rear nipple back and releasing it "shooting" the cannonball. The set also features a crane, an underground safe for treasure, a jail, as well as Governor Broadside's chambers.
  • In addition to the Governor, Lt. de Martinet, Captain Redbeard, and Flashfork are also in the set.


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