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Rock Island Refuge
6273 Rock Island Refuge
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    Pirates (faction)

6273 Rock Island Refuge is a Pirates set released in 1991. It contained a large pirate hideout, a pirate raft, a sailing boat belonging to the Imperial Soldiers, five pirates, two imperial soldiers, a shark, and a monkey.


The pirate outpost is built upon a raised baseplate whose central pit serves as a treasure cave. The top floor contains a fireplace. On the ground floor is a small prison cell and on the pier is a cannon. Among the pirates are Captain Redbeard, Bo'Sun Will, First Mate Rummey and a female pirate. One of the imperial soldiers is Lt. de Martinet.

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During the 18th century, a peaceful colony of settlers enjoying the island treasures they discovered, suddenly had their serenity interrupted. The invaders were those who called themselves the LEGO SYSTEM Pirates of the Sea! For years, the Pirates had been searching for the same buried treasures that the settlers were now claiming as their own. This, of course, disturbed the Pirates, as they knew the doubloons (Spanish gold coins) the settlers found had belonged to their ancestors.

On a remote rocky island, Captain Redbeard and his crew of Pirates established the ultimate command post. Called the Rock Island Refuge, it was the perfect haven for the entire crew of the Black Seas Barracuda. From this outpost, Captain Red Beard commanded the efforts of the other buccaneers at the Forbidden Island and Shipwreck Island enclaves.

The day was drawing near when the treasure chest full of doubloons would once again belong to the Pirates. Before that day could arrive, however, Governor Broadside and the other settlers would have to be overcome.

Use your imagination to continue the adventures of the LEGO SYSTEM Pirates of the Sea!


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