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6267 Lagoon Lock-up is a set released in 1991 as a part of the Pirates theme. It is an Imperial Soldiers set and is one of the few sets that comes with Will and Captain Redbeard. In addition to the pirates, it also came with Lt. de Martinet. The set has 187 pieces, including five minifigures.

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A peaceful colony of settlers enjoying the treasures they discovered were suddenly attacked.  The invaders were the Lego Pirates of the Sea!  They had been searching for the buried treasure that the settlers were now claiming as their own.  The gold coins the settlers found had belonged to the Pirates.  The Pirates had forced Governor Broadside and the settlers to strengthen many of their settlements.  One such fort was the Lagoon Lock-Up.  Until now this was an inn of sorts where the settlers could eat and relax.  It's now used to hold captured Pirates for questioning.  Governor Broadside wants to protect the gold which he has hidden at the Eldorado Fortress and Sabre Island.  The Pirates have their own plans for the gold which doesn't include sharing it with the settlers!  Use your imagination to continue the adventures of the Lego Pirates of the Sea!

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