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3316 Friends Advent Calendar is a Friends set released in September 2012. It comes with Olivia, Christina, and a dog called Coco, all as part of 24 individual gifts that also include a Christmas tree and presents.


Day one

The first day includes a unique variation of the Mini-doll figure Olivia. She wears fairly long white snow-boots, pink stockings, and a dark blue skirt. Her torso is covered by a turquoise sweater, with a dark blue collar, and designs of pink bangles,stars and hearts printed on it. The sweater has long sleeves, meaning her arms are turquoise, but her hands are bare, and therefore light nougat. Her light nougat head has pink lips and hazel eyes, and she has long brown hair, that goes down a bit past her shoulders.
The same box of the calendar also includes a sheet of paper printed on one side with a picture of the five friends, four medium to large Friends sets, and on the other a picture of Stephanie flying above Heartlake City in her biplane, with the caption "" the paper does not come in it if you get this set from

Day two

The second day includes a pink sleigh in approximately Mini-doll scale. A pink top for the sleigh is made out of two pink cheese slopes at the front, followed by a pink "1x2x1 Panel with Rounded Corners and Central Divider", which a mini-doll's feet can be placed around, allowing it to sit on the sled. and a pink 2X2 tile. Underneath the pink upper layer there are two grey runners, and a yellow hook piece.

Day three

The third day consists of a lamppost. It is built on a round 4X4 base, has a body made out of a grey pole stacked on two cone parts, one grey and one white. The bulb of the lamp is made out of large jar part, turned upside-down, with an inverted 2X2 plate attached to its top. A decoration made out of a green tree-leaf with three studs, two white and one red, attached to it is stuck near the top of the lamp pole by means of a 1X1 claw brick.

Day four

This day simply contains four accessories: two skies, and two ski-poles, all in a shade of light blue.

Day five

This day features a small brick-built snowman. He has a base made out of a small white dome brick, and, atop that, a 1X1 white five-side studded brick. The studs are filled with an arm (made out of a stick part) on the left and the right, a pink flower for decoration on the front, and a white minifigure head on the top. The head has a black top hat set upon it.

Day six

The set's second and last Mini-doll, Christina, is included in this day. She has red legs printed with black boots, white socks, and red stockings. Her torso is also red, and features a white ruff, and a design of a green Christmas tree covered by snow printed on it. Her arms are also red, and her hands light nougat. Her face, the same light nougat shade as her hands, features green eyes and light pink lips. Her hair is long and blonde.

Day seven

The seventh day features a wide array of accessories for Mini-dolls, which are collectively known as Part 93080. Included are a hairdryer, two different combs, a hand-held mirror, a crown, two stars, two hearts, two different pars of glasses, two butterflies, three bows, and four flowers all in pale turquoise.

Day eight

The model for the eighth day consists of a stool and table pair. The stool is made of a 2X2 Lime Green tile set upon four yellow cones. The table is made of a 2X2 round yellow plate, a 2X2 round lime green brick set on it, and a circular white 4X4 set upon it in turn. A dark pink mug is set on top of the table.

Day nine

The ninth day contains two brownies, a cop, a bowl, and a milk carton. The bowl and cup are both different shades of pink, the brownies are made of a 1X1 brown brick with a pink flower part set atop them. The milk carton is made of a printed light blue 1X1 brick, with a white cheese slope set atop it.

Day ten

The tenth day consists of a second part of the sledge previously featured in day day two. It is built on grey runners, and, like the first part of the model, has a hook at the back for attaching another section. The middle of the sledge's body is made of a yellow 1X1 plate, and a further plate with a hole in it, to attach to the hook of day two's model. two 1X4 white plates are set upon that, and a compartment made of light blue pieces forms the top of the vehicle, giving mini-dolls a place to sit.

Day eleven

The eleventh day consists of a pink-wrapped present. It is built out of three 1X1 bricks, two pink, one white, a white 2X3 brick set upon them, and three 1X2 plates, two pink, one white, attached to it. A round tag, featuring a paw-mark, is set upon the white plate, which has a stud in it.

Day twelve

The twelfth day consists merely of a single piece- the dog Coco. Coco is small and caramel brown dog with blue eyes, and a small hole in its head into which a bow or other accessory can be placed.

Day thirteen

The thirteenth day contains a stool, and a dog dish full of water. The stool is made of a lime green tile set upon four yellow cones, and the dish is made of a pink bowl filled with transparent blue studs.

Day fourteen

The fourteenth day contains a dog bed. It is built on 2 2X3 white plates, with the centre occupied by a 2X2 pink plate, and the back three side covered with blue half-bricks.

Day fifteen

The fifteenth day consists of the third and last part of the sledge previously featured in day day two and ten. It is built on grey runners. The middle of the sledge's body is made of a yellow 1X1 plate, and a further plate with a hole in it, to attach to the hook of day two's model. Two 1X4 white plates are set upon that, and a compartment made of two lime green pieces with x's in them forms the top of the vehicle, giving mini-dolls a place to sit.

Day sixteen

The sixteenth day consists a pink bucket a brown broom and four white studs although it comes with four extra.

Day seventeen

The seventeenth day consists a postbox and a letter,It is set on a 2X2 round lime green, on it is a white post box made out of two bricks (Part 4346 and Part 4345) , a door and the back, the door has a small rectangle at the top of it, the door can be opened downwards. On the post box there is two pink cone pieces and a flower piece on a lime green piece, it also concludes a letter white a red square on a left side and blue lines on the other.

Day eighteen

The eighteenth day consists another present, It is made out of a white 3x2 brick and on top of that 2 white 2x2 bricks on either side and a lime green 2x2 brick in the middle, on top of that there is two smooth 2x2 lime green bricks on either side and a 2x2 white with a hole on it which a letter sits on.

Day nineteen

The nineteenth day includes a aqua purse it has a handle for a minidoll to hold and it has two holes at the bottom to place it on studs, it has purple rectangles printed at the front and back and on each side there is a silver zip.

Day twenty

The twentieth day includes a flower bed, it is set on a 3x3 green plate on it in the right hand corner is a green flower stem with red flowers, underneath that a white stud, to the left of that is a leaf piece and in the top left hand corner is another white stud.

Day twenty one

The twenty first day includes a fireplace, it's set on 1 2x4 black plate. In the first row in the middle is a grey tile piece behind that a grey 1x4 in the middle there is orange trans pieces on brown studs. On each sides there is two grey 1x1 on that an arch piece over that is a grey 1x4 on top top of that is 2 grey 3x3 at the edge of them there is 3 green flower pieces and one red stud, behind is 2 grey slanted bricks and a white triangle piece on top of that.

Day twenty two

The twenty second day is the third and last present, it has two blue 1x2s on each side and a white 1x2 in the middle on top of it is a 3x3 white brick two slanted blue bricks on each side and a 1x1 white brick under a 1x1 white brick with a hole in it where the letter goes.

Day twenty three

The twenty third day is a christmas tree. It stands on a brown 2x2 circular brick on that 4 slanted 1x3 green bricks with red studs at the end. Over them is a flat brown 2x2 circular brick and 4 slanted 1x2 green bricks with red studs on two. Over them is a flat brown 2x2 circular brick with a triangle green brick with a trans yellow star on top.

Day twenty four

The twenty forth and last day is a vanity. It is sat on a curved light pink brick on white cones on the table on it there's a white cone piece with a white minifigure head with Mia's hair in black (Part 92257). On the other side there is a trans cone piece with a pink jewel on top beside it is a rare pink sparkly brick with a pink flower on top of it.

Contents by Day

Olivia Advent
Accessories Advent
Table and Stool
Food and Drink
Food and Drink
Sleigh Part 2
Sleigh part two
Dog Present
Stool and bowl
Stool and Bowl
Friends dog bed
Dog Bed
Green sleigh
Sleigh part three
Friends bucket snow and broom
Bucket,snow and broom
Post box
Postbox and Letter
Lime green present
Friends purse
Friends Plant Bed
Flower bed
Blue present
Christmas tree (friends)
Christmas Tree

Release controversy

In the summer of 2012, after the set was displayed at the Toy Fair, but before it was released, internet rumors began circulating that it was cancelled in the production stage for an unknown reasons along with 3867 Maya Mystica.[1] A few days prior to the September 1st release date, the set began showing up on shelves at LEGO brand stores, putting the rumors to rest. The set is supposedly only going to have one production run, as well as just a single shipment to each LEGO Store, making it fairly rare.


Olivia and Christina have been friends since they were babies. They often spend the winter holidays together in a lodge at Clearsping Mountain and deliver presents and cards to their neighbors with a sled.[2]


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24 days of LEGO® Friends building fun!

The holiday season has arrived in Heartlake City. Head outside with Olivia, Christina and their dog Coco! Build a snowman or go skiing, then warm up by the fire with cookies and milk. Help Olivia and Christina writing a holiday card, delivering gifts on their snowmobile and decorate the Christmas tree. Set includes 24 individual gifts, including 2 mini dolls, a dog and accessories. Celebrate the holiday season with the LEGO Friends!

  • Features 24 gifts including mini dolls, a dog and accessories
  • Includes 2 mini-doll figures not found in any other set
  • Also includes accessories in colours not available elsewhere
  • Get the popular LEGO advent calendar–now with LEGO Friends!
  • LEGO Friends pieces are fully compatible with all LEGO System bricks
  • Collect all of the LEGO Friends sets for a whole city of LEGO Friends fun!
  • LEGO mini-dolls are figures made especially for the world of LEGO Friends, with thousands of customizable fashion and accessory combinations


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