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The End Portal
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Enderman (x2)
Cave Spider


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March 2016



21124 The End Portal is a Minecraft set released in 2016. It features Steve, a Cave Spider and two Endermen.

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Venture into the stronghold and activate the End portal!

The eyes of ender have led you across a snowy mountainous landscape to a secret stronghold. Don your diamond armor, grab your diamond sword and proceed with caution! Search for bookshelves in the cobwebbed, torchlit library. Battle the scary cave spider and seize the chest containing diamonds, redstone and an iron ingot. Then defeat the endermen to retrieve the eyes of ender and activate the End portal!

  • Includes a Steve minifigure, plus 2 endermen and a cave spider.
  • Features a library with bookshelves, slab alter and an End portal.
  • Put on your diamond armor, grab your diamond sword and enter the secret stronghold.
  • Defeat the spider and grab the chest containing diamonds, redstone and an iron ingot.
  • Activate the portal function to transport Steve to the End.
  • Accessory elements include Steve’s armor and helmet, chest with redstone, diamond-style elements and an ingot, eyes of ender, spider web and emerald-colored ore.
  • Steve’s pickaxe tool element included.
  • Also includes Steve’s sword.
  • Fold out the stronghold to create more rooms.
  • Set your imagination free—rebuild the set for more LEGO® Minecraft™ creations!
  • Includes more than 550 LEGO® bricks.
  • Measures over 4” (11cm) high, 9” (25cm) wide and 7” (19cm) deep.

Minifigures Included

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