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Republic Gunship
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November 9, 2009


    Star Wars
        Star Wars Mini
            The Clone Wars

20010 Republic Gunship is a Star Wars mini set released with the Nov. - Dec. 2009 Brickmaster issue. It is part of the The Clone Wars mini line. Although this set was a Brickmaster exclusive in the US, it was released along with 20009 AT-TE Walker on in November only being available to LEGO Club members in Europe; only from the November 9th to the December 21st 2009. After that date, it became available for the majority.


The Republic Attack Gunship, also known as the Low Altitude Assault Transport/infantry, was used by the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars mostly for air support and troop transportation and was first seen in Episode II: Attack Of The Clones, when the vehicle blazed in and saved the Jedi from certain death by the hands of the droid armies commanded by the evil Sith Lord Count Dooku. It was capable of carrying up to thirty troops, or four speeder bikes in the back infantry bay. The ship was its own fully-armed weapons platform packing three anti-personnel laser turrets, two top-mounted mass-driver missiles, four composite-beam, pin-point laser turrets, eight air-to-air missiles on the underside of each wing, and several more various grenades and bombs. The gunships were often customized by their crews who often painted a design on the nose of the ship, known as "nose art", seen most notable on the Crumb Bomber. Several variations of this vehicle were also produced, most of which were modified versions capable of carrying other large vehicles into battle, such as the AT-TE and Clone turbo Tank. This mighty vehicle continued in the T.V. Animated Series Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith as a transport for both troops and Jedi to battle. During the latter stages of the Clone wars, when the Empire began to take over, the Imperial Army utilized the remaining gunships for a short while.


  • Despite being a mini set it is not classified as a mini set.
  • See 4490 Mini Republic Gunship, a previous version of this set in a very slightly larger scale.

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