21205 Battle Towers est un ensemble Fusion, exclusif aux États-Unis, sorti en août 2014. Il permet de faire des modèles 2D qui, combinés à une application, deviennent des modèles 3D dans un jeu.

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Build your Battle Tower with real LEGO bricks, then defend it with your army in an unpredictable virtual world when invaders attack!

Design and defend your tower by building with real LEGO bricks!

Introducing LEGO FUSION – a fun and creative way of combining real LEGO brick building with your smartphone or tablet! Your game. Your way.

Your kingdom is under attack and only you have the power to defend it. Design and defend your Battle Tower against unpredictable invaders by building with real LEGO bricks! Build your 2D tower, layer by layer with LEGO bricks on the LEGO Fusion baseplate. Then snap it into your virtual game in the LEGO Battle Towers App for your smartphone or tablet with just a click. Watch it come to life in 3D! Recruit an army of wizards, archers and even castle chefs, ready to fight for you when darkness falls. Arm them with cool defenses including magic, fireballs or arrows and prepare for battle! Repair and redesign as you learn what will keep your tower intact to earn studs, unlock special features and reach the crown in the sky!

  • Features 212 LEGO pieces, Fusion baseplate for capturing your creations digitally and instructions for play and downloading the free Battle Towers App, required for gameplay
  • Create and defend your tower against attacks by building with real LEGO bricks
  • Watch your 2D brick designs come to life in 3D on your device!
  • Recruit your army and prepare them for battle!
  • Rebuild and repair after every battle to reach the crown in the sky
  • Learn how to improve your defenses every time you rebuild
  • Earn studs to unlock special features with missions and mini-games
  • Cast magic spells, shoot arrows, and throw fireballs at the invaders!
  • The Battle Towers building set is designed to work with LEGO FUSION Battle Towers app. The app includes a free trial of the full experience.
  • Both the building set and free app download are required to play with LEGO FUSION products.
  • A supported smartphone or tablet is required to play (device not included).
  • FUSION products are compatible with the LEGO bricks in the same colors and sizes as those in this building set.
  • Available in the U.S. only.
  • Required Battle Towers App available at Apple Appstore, Google Play, Samsung Appstore, Amazon Appstore.



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