"Skylor. My element is...wouldn't you like to know?"
— Skylor to Kai
Affiliation Herself (currently)

Ninja (later)

Favorite Weapon Crossbow
Element Copying other elements
First Appearance 70746 Condrai Copter Attack 

The Invitation

Status Alive

Skylor is the Orange Ninja; a major protagonist (anti-hero at start) in the fourth season of LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. She is a determined competitor in the Tournament of Elements. But when Kai asks her what her elemental power is, she replies, "Wouldn't you like to know?". Kai is instantly attracted to Skylor, and this mysterious beauty is not afraid to use his feelings to further her own goals in the competition.

Biography Bearbeiten

The Invitation Bearbeiten

Skylor was present as one of the attendants to the Tournament of Elements. When she was about to board the ship, she turned and glanced at Kai, who instantly developed a thing for her. She then walked onto the ship, and was later seen on a corner of the ship looking out into the ocean. When Kai asked Garmadon who she was, he said that he did not know.

Karloff was seen forcibly grabbing her, until he was interrupted by Kai and began to fight him, even though she assured she could handle him herself. After the battle ended, Skylor helped Kai back onto his feet, possibly learning to copy his powers, and apologized for being cruel earlier, walking off-screen.

Only One Can Remain Bearbeiten

After the ship docked, Kai shoved the other ninja and Garmadon to the side so Skylar could pass. Later, he found her room was next to his and attempted to impress her by showing off his powers while asking what hers were. She didn't tell him right away and gave a small laugh when Kai lost control of the flame in his hand. Once the competition started, they noticed a jadeblade on the roof and immediately started racing for it. Kai got closer and even knocked Skylar off the balcony, though he was forced to help her, resulting in her throwing herself to the jadeblade and Kai switches to facing Karloff to get a jadeblade. She is among the many who managed to get a jadeblade.


Appearance Bearbeiten

Skylor has short eyelashes and orange lipstick on her face,with red hair in a pony tail. She has an orange hood and suit, with black hands. Her suit sports a Japanese symbol on the chest, with a light orange belt and a strap with more symbols on either side of her waist. On her ninja hood, a Japanese symbol for 6 sits on the front of it.

Trivia Bearbeiten

  • Skylor is the first and only Ninja who's female.
  • She shares the lack of not having a Tournament gi like the Titanium Ninja.
  • Kai has a thing for her.
  • The Japanese symbol on her Zukin outfit could represent her role as the sixth Ninja. 
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